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Welcome to the wonderful world of BBQ! There are many different ways of spelling barbeque and many more different ways of cooking bar-b-que. However, at Proud Purveyors of Pork there is one constant... Low & Slow! That is the only way to cook proper BBQ and we take pride in just that. Based in the coastal region of South Carolina, we love pork, however we smoke it all. Chicken, ribs, brisket and even mutton – at Proud Purveyors of Pork we love it all.

So grab your fork, it's time to dig in!

Competition BBQ

Proud Purveyors of Pork is excitied to enter into the BBQ Competition series.
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BBQ Catering

Weddings, conferences, events and parties – Proud Purveyors Of Pork can cater any size event or special occasions.
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